Vote Yatra

Its a jouney to understand the political mood of the country. Extensive tour around the country just to take a look how common man is thinking about 2014 Indian general election. People will choose 543 member of parliament during month long, most expensive and extremly tiresome election process. It is thus important to notice whether local issues plays an important role in choosing a leader from a particular constitueny. 

P.S- Vote Yatra can be watched on India Tv at 8:30 PM from Monday to Thursdsy. This four week long show is starting from 31st March. 

Way of life

It seems Tonga is still a way of life in India. It is a easiest and most cheapest mode of transport at many places in the county. This photograph has been taken in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. Visit small towns and anyone can witness how mordern and ancient systems are still present and working fine. A complete paradox...

Anna In America

It is great that Anna is gathering support of NRI's for his anti corruption movement outside India. Leading a parade in New York is also an example in this regard. But the question is how all these efforts will pay dividend in not so far general election which is due next year. It may happen soon also. Anna's movement, if we see correctly, is confined to mostly middle class. And this class has almost minimal role in the democratic process of electing candidates. They always regard Election Day as holiday and confine themselves inside the home or involve in some stupid recreational activities rather than standing in the long queues to cast their valuable votes for a genuine candidate. Their so called aggression is limited to writing on web, liking pages, twitting and lighting candles to support the cause. It is alright to do all these things and nothing wrong in that but, it is also important to do more than that.
Till now, middle class’s participation in the election process was not even consequential when compared to lower classes who take all pain to cast every valuable vote despite adverse weather conditions and other reasons. Voting percentage in lower living condition areas are always higher than in high living condition areas. That’s why major political parties are not even bothered yet and they have started trying to woo their vote bank with all means. Samajwadi Party is already distributing free laptops in Uttar Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan is giving away bicycles in Madhya Pradesh and latest news is UPA government led by congress party is working towards providing free tablet computers to poor students.
What all things denote? In my perspective, awareness for the electoral process is more important to make a drastic change. Lack of motivation in the middle class should be channelized into active participation in the democratic process. Let’s hope for a better future and for that let’s hope for drastic increase in voter percentage in those areas where it is almost negligible.   

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